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Italian cooperative breathes new life into deserted land seized from Camorra gangsters

4 years in the past, the state handed over fields that had been confiscated from the Camorra clan of Casalesi to an Italian social cooperative. Now it is on a mission to revive life to the land.

Within the coronary heart of Italy’s ‘Land of Fires’, close to the Italian metropolis of Naples, the Camorra felony organisation used to handle unlawful dumping websites and burn undifferentiated waste within the open air.


Terra Felix – Latin for ‘Fertile Land’ – is a social cooperative that has been energetic within the province of Caserta for greater than 10 years. 4 years in the past, the state handed over some property that had been confiscated from the Camorra clan of Casalesi to the cooperative, together with 12 hectares of land.

This beforehand uncultivated and deserted land is starting to assist the expansion of crops, because of the cultivation of the cartoon thistle, which will increase soil fertility and helps the cultivation of mushrooms by way of the manufacturing of biomasses. 

Individuals with disabilities are additionally concerned on this manufacturing.

“We’re a social cooperative,” explains Terra Felix’ Francesco Pascale. “Due to this fact, we maintain an precise ethical responsibility and now we have it written in our statute: we should work to create alternatives for the disabled. Once we plan a brand new venture, first we take into consideration the involvement of those folks within the venture after which we take into consideration the remainder.”

Arson assault

Just a few weeks in the past, on 15 August, Terra Felix’s land was burnt down, the results of an arson assault that destroyed seven hectares belonging to the cooperative. 

However that hasn’t deterred the folks residing on this land. They maintain working it, in a forward-looking method, in 4.0 greenhouses, the place humidity and temperature detectors activate the mandatory consumption of water robotically. These greenhouses can produce as much as one tonne of mushrooms per thirty days.

A protracted highway has already been lined, from the land of fires to automated greenhouses, and much more continues to be forward.

“With our work, we think about we are able to cowl a superb stretch of this highway, in order that we are able to let the wonder, and what this Terra Felix of ours can supply us, come up,” Pascale says.

The groove has been dug already and that can not be burnt down.

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