How to maintain Health of EV’s battery


We’ve come to a stage where each one of us is surrounded by battery-powered devices including our personal vehicles. Well, just like we try maintaining the battery of our phone we need to maintain the battery of the EVs too!

Aging is one of the major factors that plays role in degradation of battery life but not the only one. There are several other factors that affect the battery health of EVs as well. So, with no further delay, let’s talk about all of them.


When parked, reduce exposure to high temperatures:

When exposed to extreme heat while parked and unplugged, an automated temperature control system installed in your EV will start functioning to maintain optimal temperature. EV should be plugged in when parked or parked in shade so that the EV’s thermal management system can function without consuming the EVs battery.


Minimize time spent at 0 % and 100 %

Usually, EVs already have a battery management system that avoids them being charged and discharged at the extreme state of charge. Still do try to not plug in your EV all night every night since it is not a healthy option for your battery life. Same goes for keeping it at 0% for a long time. Try to keep the battery state of your EV between 20-80% if you are not going on long trips.

Avoid fast charging:

Using fast charging occasionally can be of great convenience, but don’t make it a regular thing. Since high voltage DC charging strains your EVs battery and reduces its life faster.

When parked, Reduce exposure to low temperatures:

This again is a case of maintaining your EVs temperature without letting it use its battery to do the same. EVs usually have a thermal management system which starts functioning automatically to maintain battery’s temperature. This system can also run using EVs battery automatically until the battery drops to 15%. So, try keeping it plugged in when parked at low temperatures.

Avoid quick discharging:

Try to resist the urge to fully push that acceleration pedal when not needed. As much as you like it, pushing your EV to high speeds with quick launches only results in lowering your battery life faster than the ideal driving.



Your EVs battery life reduction is inevitable due to calendar aging. But now you know how to not reduce it faster and manage its health to extend its lifespan.

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