Checklist For Charging Your EV


Are you an EV owner but confused about how to charge it? Worry not! Please scroll through our complete checklist for EV charging and get going!

Are you excited to get your brand-new electric vehicle on the road for a long ride? But first, you need to charge your EV! Since most of us are accustomed to traditional fuel-powered cars, the process of EV charging might be unknown to many.

The good news is charging an electric vehicle is a pretty straightforward process. We’ve curated a comprehensive checklist of everything and anything you need to know about charging your EV. Without further ado, let’s jump to the topic so that you can charge your new EV and try your hands on it!

Always Think Big!

One of the essential things on our checklist is having an EV charger with high-end capabilities. It is a no brainer that as batteries in electric vehicles improve their range, their charging setup also gets a little complicated. For instance, Tesla suggests that its EV owners charge with a 60-amp circuit. As a result, it is ideal to have an EV charging setup that includes an endpoint, service line, and breaker.


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Plan for More Than One Vehicle

The most common mistake is to be short-sighted when thinking of EV charging. If you are installing a charging connection for only one EV, you might face troubles in the future. Getting at least two lines is recommended as you might own another EV in the future. Moreover, having two charging connections is ideal for future owners if you ever plan to sell your house.

Upgrading Your Panels

Have you ever considered that your current electrical panels might not support EV charging? Your boards might require changing if you have recently upgraded to higher amperage circuits. Previous EV owners claim that upgrading to new panels is one of the costliest steps in EV charging. Besides, note that EV charging consumes more electricity than any other device or appliance in your home.


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Buying the Charger

You cannot charge your EV without a charger, can you? On top of other upgrades, you’ll also need to invest in a quality EV charger. Typically, chargers for EVs start at a budget of approx. ₹ 12,000. This number might shoot up if you decide to purchase additional charging accessories.

Find Charging Stations Near You

Though most owners rely on home charging for their EVs, we recommend that you also find a charging station near your home. You might require an external charging port for your electric vehicle in some circumstances. In such cases, knowing charging stations in the proximity can be of significant help. Also, note down the charger type and power details beforehand.


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Hopefully, this checklist helped you to understand the basics of charging an EV and what you’ll need for it. Make sure to pass on this information to your fellow EV owners!


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